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Above: Celestron 280mm CGE-1100 at Big Bend National Park, January 2006

At left: the author with C11/CGE imaging set-up at the Denver Astronomical Society's EG Kline Dark Site, east of Deer Trail, Colorado, April, 2010.

Photo by Joe Gafford

  Celestron 280mm SCT/CGE-1100
OTA: Celestron 11-in (280mm) f/10.0 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
(Carbon-fiber tube)
Mount: Celestron, CGE Nexstar Equatorial Mount (Obtained January 2004)
In 280mm SCT f/10x x2.5* FoV (deg)
40mm UA Konig 70 175 1.0
35mm Televue Panoptic 80 200  
32mm Televue Plossl 87 218 0.57
24mm Televue Panoptic 112 280 0.60
19mm Televue Panoptic 147 368 0.32
14mm TeleVue Radian 200 500 0.3
12mm TeleVue Radian 240 600 0.25
10mm Celestron Plossl 280 700 0.18
  9mm Televue Nagler 311 -- 0.26
   7mm Vixen Lanthanum 400 -- 0.11

* With TeleVue PowerMate 2.5

  Darrell Dodge at the DAS EGK Dark Site

  AT8IN Imaging Newtonian 
OTA: AstroTech 8-inch (200mm) f/4 Newtonian telescope
(aluminum tube) 
Mount: Celestron CGE 
  This setup includes a Honis-modified Canon XSi DSLR (Baader UV/IR cut filter) with a Baader Multipurpose Coma Corrector and an ST80 refractor guidescope, piggyback mounted with AstroTech 110mm rings, with an Orion Starshooter Autoguider.

Stock telescope collimation hardware and ring clamps have been replaced with a custom kit developed by Kerry Hanna, Issaquah, Washington.


AT8IN Imaging Newtonian 
  AT72ED Refractor
OTA: AstroTech 72mm f/6 Refractor
Mount: Celestron CGE; piggy-backed on C11 or AT8IN Used as a guidescope or as a widefield imaging scope (with AstroTech 2-inch field flattener.)
AT72ED refractor mounted on AT8IN in imaging configuration, with homemade 50mm guidescope mounted on dovetail rail of CGE mount at the DAS EG Klein Dark Site, Deer Trail, Colorado. Brooks Observatory (housing 14-in Celestron SCT) in the background. (Red Sealtest box used as light shield and moisture/cold protection for laptop.)

Sample image with this telescope: Rosette Nebula
  Orion 120ST/PST Solar Telescope
OTA: Orion 120ST (120mm f/5) Refractor (with Orion 120mm Solar Filter)
Coronado PST 40mm Hydrogen-Alpha
Mount: Celestron CG-5 Equatorial Head (self Re-built) with Celestron
Dual Axis Drive and Oak Tripod (Al's Astro)
  Public Outreach Solar Observing at DMNS
Previous Telescopes
  Celestron 235mm SCT/C235
OTA: Celestron G - 9.25-in (235mm) f/10.0 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
Mounts: Celestron CI-700 Manual Alignment (until January 2004)
  Celestron CG-5 Equatorial Head (self Re-built) with Celestron
Dual Axis Drive and Oak Tripod (Al's Astro)
In 235mm SCT f/10x x2.5* FoV (deg) f/6.3x
40mm Celestron NexStar Plossl 59 147.5 0.83 --
32mm Televue Plossl 73 182.5 0.68 46
25mm Celestron Plossl 94 235 0.52 59
18mm Celestron Ultima Plossl 131 262 0.38 82
14mm TeleVue Radian 168 420 0.36 106
10mm Celestron Plossl 235 587.5 0.21 148
  7mm Vixen Lanthanum 336 -- -- 211.5

* With TeleVue PowerMate 2.5

  Celestron f/6.3 Reducer-Corrector lens (reduces effective focal length
from 2350mm to 1480.5mm)

Celestron G-9.25 235mm SCT
on CI-700 Equatorial Mount
(used for observing from January 2003 to January 2004)

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