Star Party - A Documentary from Chris Rock on Vimeo.


The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.


our last Transit of Venus (teaser) from Lightcurve Films on Vimeo.


Searching for Neptune from Lightcurve Films on Vimeo.


  AT8IN Imaging Newtonian 
OTA: AstroTech 8-inch (200mm) f/4 Newtonian telescope
(aluminium tube) 
Mount: Celestron CGE 
  This setup includes a Honis-modified Canon XSi DSLR (Baader UV/IR cut filter) with a Baader Multipurpose Coma Corrector and an ST80 refractor guidescope, piggyback mounted with AstroTech 110mm rings, with an Orion Starshooter Autoguider.

Stock telescope collimation hardware and ring clamps have been replaced with a custom kit by Kerry Hanna, Issaquah, Washington.


AT8IN Imaging Newtonian 

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